In honour of #timesup, here is a poem I wrote about women chasing leadership and opportunity and recognition.

What it takes, day after day, to keep it together is the unwritten cost of fitting into a world for which we did not write the rules. It is time to rewrite the rules. Ring that bell. Let it resound in all the many places where silence and compliance and fear held back the flood of change that finally came loose.

And thank you Oprah Winfrey for your poignant, on-point, incredible, beautiful, impactful, important acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. I stand with you in the light you so generously shine on what matters. See Oprah’s speech here:



how many days
has she risen up
from her tired bed
to carry on
working for a future
less about dreams
than necessity
chasing meaning
in high heels
hiding sore feet
while she smiles
across the boardroom
cautiously choosing words
careful not to disagree
she depends on approval
to remain in the chain
that keeps the lights on
and the food on
and her head on
as she tries to impress
those she would confess
offend her intelligence
yes, how many days
has she risen up
into a life she lives
and dies in
a little everyday