All photos by Island Dream Productions

What is it that you desire so much that the vision of it never leaves you? Having the patience to wait for it to come true often must stand the test of time and patience. But never lose sight of what you want. The power of vision, of seeing, will bring it to you. You need only believe and trust and consistently do the things to make it so.

My brief (still in vacation mode) post this week is about a recent experience here in Hawaii where a long held vision of mine materialized.

Whenever we come to Maui, my husband and I go in search of turtles. Last time we were here, each evening we found a very large turtle on the beach. We stumbled upon it in the darkness as it lay there quiet, comfortable and unconcerned on the slanted sandy beach. I shone my flashlight briefly but quickly gave the turtle its space and peace. I was content to be close enough to enjoy its presence under the moonlight and stars.

My husband and me at Molokini

This time, we took a snorkel trip to Molokini and Makena, with Makena being the spot to find turtles in the water. And find them we did. I was smiling so much that my snorkel mask kept shifting and letting in water but I didn’t care. Because finally, wondrously, we were swimming with the large, green sea turtles of Hawaii.

Turtles have been swimming the earth’s oceans for over 100 million years and may even pre-date dinosaurs. In mythologies, they often represent creation, longevity and wisdom. They are ancient beings that tell the story of endurance and wonder across all of existence. For these reasons alone they fascinate me. But they are also beautiful creatures and I have long wanted the experience of seeing them under water. For my birthday this year, my husband made that dream come true for me.

We had a professional photographer with us in the water and she captured some fantastic photos of the turtles. We purchased them to mark the occasion and to keep them as memories of a very special day. Swimming with my husband, holding hands, the view of the turtles for us was one of those times when you realize that in that moment life is perfect.



Hundreds of years ago there were millions of turtles swimming the Earth’s oceans. Today all 7 species of turtles are considered either endangered or threatened. Thus, it is that seeing them in the water has become more a hope than a guarantee. The green sea turtles of Hawaii are remarkable, majestic beings. Our time with them underwater in amongst the coral reefs made me certain that we must continue to protect our ancient friends and ensure that they continue to increase.

Hold onto the power of your visions. They are important to you for reasons that you may not necessarily or fully comprehend. They are meant to inspire you. They are meant to teach you. They may even uncover things that you must now do because of what you learn and how their truth influences you.