She is a collection of poetry I am working on for publication. She was inspired by #metoo and #timesup. I want to use my poetry in support of the current, powerful, long-awaited movement for change. The poems are personal as well as influenced by women I admire for their courage to live out loud. We share the desire to live stronger, freer and happier lives. We share experiences that unite us and implore us to create a better world.

The time has come to boldly claim our truths. The time has come to raise our voices with and for one another.

The following poem is my call to action. I hope you enjoy it.


what would it take
for you to make
a difference
in your own life
forget your titles
mother, sister
daughter, wife
and job
forget your list
of musts
and just because
stop the race
stop the chase
be still
look inside
where the questions
and the answers
waiting for you
to change your view
from out there
to in where
you know
you want to go
because sisters
you better take the time
to make a difference
in your one life
one thing is for certain
that curtain
will come down
and the show
that you know
had better be
your own

act on it