Introducing: Extraordinary People Living Extraordinary Lives

~ a blog series to inspire and celebrate through human stories

This week I am introducing a new series for my blog. There are so many wonderful people that I meet as I go about my life. Hearing their stories, it struck me as a wonderful idea to share them more extensively through my blog. I am so touched by who they are, how they live and what they offer to others. Sharing their stories (with their permission, of course) is some of the best and most important writing that I can do. I plan to feature a new person each month.

I am honoured to begin this series with a very special young woman. She is inspiration personified.


She lights the world up with her smile

She is a spark. She is adorable. She is a happy, joyful, fun, unstoppable force of positive energy. She makes cycle/barre class the best start and the best end to each week. She walks in every time ready to go, sharing her unbridled passion for fitness with a room full of eager, “yes-we-can!” participants. She has us all cycling happily into control of our lives, week after week.

She is Pauline!


Since the first time I attended her class, I was hooked! Pauline is a full time Senior Instructor and Teacher Trainer at the Kitsilano and Dunbar Dailey Method Studios. In January, I joined the Kitsilano Studio to get my sorry-ass back into shape. Months of lethargy and neglect meant that the curve was against me. In that first class, I was surprised when Pauline called out my name in encouragement. I looked around thinking there had to be another Mary in the class, but no she was indeed talking to me! Pauline makes a point of learning the names of all new members in her class, from day one. She is thoroughly and genuinely interested in the people who come to her “cycle parties” and refers to us as a great community. In each class, she calls out to everyone by name, cheers us on and calls us “AMAZING” multiple times. If you ever doubted that you could be a cycle/barre rock star just join Pauline and she will transform you from doubtful to mega bike/barre rock star extraordinaire!

I wake up on Mondays eager to climb on the bikes with the class participants and Pauline. And on Fridays, I am bouncing out the door extra happy because it is a 75-minute cycle/barre session. These days bookend my week with a level of fitness fun that I have not experienced in a long time. I cycle my way to happiness with Pauline’s powerful presence and fun music selections. She recently agreed to do a Michael/Janet Jackson themed class, just one of the many themes she creates for participants. We are even excitedly working our way towards a two-hour class on the next stat holiday. Maybe that does not sound fun to you. Yet. But hop on a bike in Pauline’s class and it will not only be a rockin’ good-time for 60 (or 120!!) minutes, it will also be high on your list of what you want more of in the future.

The Dailey Method

I asked Pauline about what inspires her to be an instructor at the Dailey Method. She said,

I feel most inspired by the nurturing Dailey Method community as a whole, and the lovely individuals that I am so fortunate to spend time with in class and throughout the studio.  The Dailey Method reinvigorated my life from the very first class I experienced in 2011! I was amazed by the profound effects of honing the connection between mind and body through a regular Dailey Method practice.

Pauline in her element!

In 2011, Pauline joined the Dunbar Studio, the first Dailey Method to open in Canada. Pauline completed her initial training at the Dailey Method in San Francisco, where it originated in 2000, with founder Jill Dailey and Master Teacher Katina Griffen. She has returned to San Francisco several times and continues to learn as a student and teacher in Vancovuer.

Pauline says,

I am proud to be a part of a team that is dedicated to evolving the Dailey Method by combining the latest fitness research and our students’ needs, to provide a well-balanced fitness practice.

Teaching Barre, Cycle, Eldoa and Lifestretch allows her to merge her passion of helping people to achieve their health and wellness goals into a joyfully balanced lifestyle of her own.

Pauline’s view to the future is to become an Eldoa Master Practitioner, studying with Dr. Guy Voyer, D.O. Osteopath. But above all she wants to live a long, healthy, happy life surrounded by the people she loves. I am certain that Pauline will always be surrounded by people who love her. She elicits that by simply being her beautiful, sun-shiny self.

The Dailey Method

Each week, as I attend Pauline’s classes I am uplifted by her spirit. She smiles constantly as she leads us through the cycle and barre routines. Truly, there is never a moment when Pauline is not smiling. So, I had to ask her what makes her happiest.

Her response:

I feel the most joy when experiencing authentic connections with other people, whether it’s having a good laugh or cry, candid conversation, or celebrating their successes. To feel compassion and love in my heart for others makes me happiest.

The Dailey Method

Pauline draws a community of people together to sweat, push and have fun while we sing our way to improved fitness, well-being and the magic of being alive. I am inspired by this amazing young woman who gives so generously of herself with a full and open heart. I know that her every dream and aspiration will come true because she approaches life with such a positive and willing and joyful attitude.