Mary Hodder Ross

Writer ~ Poet ~ Author ~ Speaker

A little about me:

I grew up in a small town called Marystown on the South East Coast of Newfoundland, a remote place at the foot of a long peninsula. Perhaps it was the isolation of where I grew up that compelled me to escape to other places inside books. Perhaps it was an inherent love of stories. Perhaps both. But the truth is that I have been drawn to stories and where they can take me since I was old enough to listen and read. I was equally drawn to writing. My dad built me my first desk when I was a little girl, and that desk gave me a place of my own to sit and think and write. What I drew from my imagination seemed like magic. Stories, poems and ideas came from a place that I could not see but were always there waiting for me.

The desire to write my own story was well supported by my mother. She said there would be no real peace for me until I got down on the page what was inside me; until I shared with others what I know, what I believe and what made me who I am. When my mother died in 2016 without having seen my story in print, I decided that the brevity of life was my best and primary reason to get on with the task. I finished the book in honour of her wish and my hope that the story will lead me to my greatest aspirations.

My first book is a memoir titled An Unnatural Choice. It was officially launched on May 11, 2019 in Vancouver, BC. It is the story of me as a young woman facing an unimaginable choice and what it has meant for my life and the subsequent choices I have made. It is the story of heartache, loss and shame. It is the truth of regret, pain and redemption. It is the triumph of love, hope and human experience.

~ Mary Hodder Ross