Sugar Beach, North Kihei

Today I am writing my blog post on the lanai of our condo on Maui. Beach side, with the Pacific stretching out forever under a cloudy, blue sky. The canoe clubs are out on the water rowing into the wind. Along the beach, people are taking their ritual morning walk with their feet in the sand and rolling waves. Peaceful, idyllic and perfect come to mind.

Something happens when my husband and I arrive on the island of Maui. We shift from our regular haste into relaxed mode. It is the lifestyle here to slow down. It catches us as soon as we step off the plane to the smell of the tropics and the warm Hawaiian air.

We quickly embrace Aloha and all that it means in our Hawaiian paradise. The word aloha, in addition to being used for greeting one another, also means love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy. We hear it frequently and feel its meaning in the kindness in which it is offered.


We know how blessed we are to come here and to now have a place of our own on Maui. We dreamed this dream the first time we came to Maui together and set about to make it happen. Sitting inside this dream today makes me realize the power of visualizing what we want. Plus the impact of our actions to make the vision real.

It is often said that life is short. It is. I am old enough now to intimately know the truth of that statement. It is knowing life is short that allows me to survey my beach view today and deeply appreciate it. I sit here beside my husband, grateful for what we have accomplished and what we now enjoy.

I am keeping this blog post short because soon I will get up from my writing to go to the sandy ocean. My husband and I will likely spend the afternoon with books and naps on our beach chairs. In the evening, we will watch the sun go down over the South Pacific. And who knows, maybe we will dream a new dream for what comes next in our life together.