It’s the final week of 2017. A week that always feels a little surreal, with Christmas Day done and the new year about to happen. It is a time when we start to say good-bye to the old year and say hello to the new. We let go of what was and what might have been in hopes of what may come.

This final blog post of 2017 is number 49 for me. I have been thinking a lot about my blog efforts and what it meant to me to write “commentary” style for the last year. It began triumphantly last January as I created the blog site and linked it to social media. Then I set about writing each week which was not always easy but it was consistently rewarding. Out of 52 weeks, I missed posting for 3 weeks only.

As I reflect on my effort several things come to mind. I have thoroughly enjoyed the writing. It meant a lot to me to receive comments and interest in my posts. And being consistent in my efforts taught me to persevere. What I began, I carried on with even when I felt less than inspired.

~ writer – poet ~ 

I learned a lot about myself in the process. In addition to my blog, I completed the manuscript for my first book that I will soon publish. I also rediscovered my love of writing poetry and built an audience on Instagram. Not a huge audience but a significant one, made up primarily of other poets and writers. In my creative writing, I know am myself and my strongest. In such writing, I am truly alive and happy.

So as I say hello to 2018 I am making a change to my blog. I have decided to let go of my focus on commentary to choose instead a more creative writer approach. I want to live up to my “bard and pen” name for the site. I am aligning each of my writing venues to support my creative efforts. It is exciting and feels right.

~ passion ~

The majority of posts on social media this week centre on doing what you love, being fearless, embracing your passion. If taken at face value, such comments can become the white noise of typical at this good-bye – hello stage of the year. Considered more deeply in the context of life, they are a call to do what matters and stop thinking that there will always be another new year in which to cast our dreams.

In 2018, my most important intention is to live “my write life.” I have gotten clear on that by spending the past year exploring the kinds of writing that make me happiest and most fulfilled. I have a vision for the future well beyond 2018 that arose from the work I accomplished in 2017 and throughout my years to date. That “voice” inside me, calling me to write, is my own and it can no longer be silent or ignored.

~ life ~

Life is a continuum. There are constant good-byes and hellos. The calendar marks time into days and months and years but our calling is life-long and indivisible from our hearts. We know it and experience it, and we are called to live it. If we wrap our goals into resolutions that we proclaim on January 1, then we must have the courage to do what it takes to make them real. We must see well beyond the clean slate of the new year into the gritty, chaotic, slow hum of days that make up a lifetime because that’s where we “do” that which creates the magic.

As 2018 presents itself, celebrate the joy of a new year dawning. My husband and I have planned a special evening and I have the sparkly dress and heels to match the event. I never shy away from festivities! Ring in the new with style and shout hello to possible. But instead of putting the pressure on 2018 to be “the best year ever,” know that 2017 and every year prior have formed who you are and what you know and why you must continue to create the life you are meant to have.

You are part of a whole and that whole is life.

Happy New Year!