read I have a simple message this week. Read. It is by far the greatest gift of being human - to read the [...]

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  I have been on hiatus. Getting my book to the first finish line meant eliminating distractions so that I could devote my undivided attention [...]

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She is a collection of poetry I am working on for publication. She was inspired by #metoo and #timesup. I want to use my poetry in support [...]

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    In honour of #timesup, here is a poem I wrote about women chasing leadership and opportunity and recognition. What it takes, day after [...]

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Let me inspire you to rethink your past mistakes ~ When you hold onto something for a long time that you don’t want, and you [...]

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no doubt Doubt is often accompanied by fear, hesitation and worry. Have you ever noticed that? Has it been your experience? Doubting yourself, whether [...]

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