too busy There are 40 days left in this year. Where are you on your goals or resolutions for 2017? Do you feel good about what you accomplished thus far? Did you keep your [...]

me too

When I first saw the invitation on FaceBook to post “#metoo” I hesitated. What would people think? What was I revealing about myself that might change how others see me? Questions that bothered me in [...]

rules of writing I recently came upon J. K. Rowling’s 8 Rules of Writing at I made a copy of them to keep on my desktop to reference. I particularly liked Rule Two in [...]

assess yourself

Every now and then it’s good to assess yourself. Asking questions and looking inward can help uncover things about ourselves that were there all along, but not fully articulated. It can clarify and highlight aspects [...]

the beautiful blank page

There are times when the blank page glows white and forbidding in front of me. It dares me to think I have something to say. It sits there awkwardly waiting for me to scribe something, [...]