real women

When you bring a group of women together and begin a conversation something wonderful happens. We let down our guard and we become real with one another. We let go of our work and public [...]

read I have a simple message this week. Read. It is by far the greatest gift of being human - to read the thoughts and ideas and stories of others. Here is a [...]


  I have been on hiatus. Getting my book to the first finish line meant eliminating distractions so that I could devote my undivided attention to editing. My blog, while tempting, had to be put [...]


She is a collection of poetry I am working on for publication. She was inspired by #metoo and #timesup. I want to use my poetry in support of the current, powerful, long-awaited movement for change. The poems [...]


    In honour of #timesup, here is a poem I wrote about women chasing leadership and opportunity and recognition. What it takes, day after day, to keep it together is the unwritten cost of [...]


Let me inspire you to rethink your past mistakes ~ When you hold onto something for a long time that you don’t want, and you wish you could be free of, it takes small bites [...]

no doubt Doubt is often accompanied by fear, hesitation and worry. Have you ever noticed that? Has it been your experience? Doubting yourself, whether you can do something or be something, can trigger feelings [...]